<who we are>

2G Ltd is a privately owned company, established in 2007 by a group of seasoned IT professionals. We have over the 20 years of experience in software development, IT projects management, and IT and business consultancy. In addition, our team of full-time professionals work with a pool of experienced free-lancers and part-timers to offer bespoke project-management. During the last years we have partnered with a number of customers, including international organizations, government agencies and commercial companies, either as the main contractor or as a subcontractor.

<what we offer>

Our team uses the latest technologies and software

  • - Simple responsive websites
  • - Multi-page complex responsive websites
  • - Web portals
  • - Web applications
  • - Mobile applications
  • - Integrated web or desktop application solutions
  • - Financial applications
  • - Payment systems integration to new or existing applications
  • - Reporting system to new or existing applications

<how we work>

Our vision is to deliver a comprehensive professional service to customers at a competitive price. We focus on the present and the future. We work closely with customers to implement custom-based solutions. We like to have day to day contact with customers and work closely on all steps of analyzing and developing process. Customer satisfaction and adherence to the relevant international standard are core values to us.

  • - Existing web or desktop applications support and improvement
  • - New modules for existing applications
  • - Database performance analysis, optimization and tuning
  • - Dynamic content and interface form
  • - N layer architecture
  • - Client-server application
  • - Web servers
  • - Mobile application development
  • - Web services
  • - MVC
  • - Unity
  • - Relation databases